Welcome to...EVACreate!

Now that Disney Create is down, here's a place for the former artists to post art!

Disney Create was an art sharing site created and owned by the online division of Disney Co. Even though I call this the "New Disney Create," I do not claim any rights to the name or anything associated with Disney Create. All ownership of Disney Create goes to Disney Online. This is simply a place for artists formerly on Disney Create to post art.

The Community Effort

-A message from the founder-

I was in no way the first to have the idea of a new place for DC artists to post art. So, credit for this idea should go to some of my Wikian friends: Jesskitty, Awesomeperson110, and Funny34650 (there might be others, but I can't think of them off the top of my head). The system was inspired heavily by Jesskitty. This would not be here without them!

Latest activity

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